Why Most Of The Freelancers Are Unhappy?


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Working on the things you love is a big fulfillment to yourself because it will be easy for you to do it and you will not be stressed. The same with freelancing, everyone is happy and satisfied but, how about those who don’t feel the same?

What could be the possible reasons for their unhappiness in freelancing?

Let’s find out why some of the freelancers are unhappy in their career, and what they can do to get rid of that unhappiness.

1.) Salary Is Not Enough
The salary that your clients gave you is one of the factors that motivates you to work well and because you have dreams, you strive hard in order to earn more. For those who are working hard, and their income is not enough, it makes them unhappy. There are also freelancers who earn more but are also unhappy, it is because they don’t manage their finances well and they end up with nothing in their pockets left.

2.) They Are Not Happy With What They Are Doing
According to Herman Cain, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”. He wanted to explain that whatever time and effort you give, it will be useless if you don’t love what you are doing. Because if you love freelancing, whatever challenges you encounter, you will conquer it because you are motivated enough to surpass those challenges. Another thing is that your salary may motivate you to work well but it does not guarantee your success in freelancing because when you don’t love freelancing, you end up quitting.

3.) Client Hates Your Work
Clients are different, there are some of them who are considerate, while others are not. In your freelancing career, you encounter a number of clients with different personalities and perspectives. And even if you take an extra mile in fulfilling your tasks, if the client has a high standard, the client will not appreciate it, instead the client will tell you to revise or change it because the client doesn’t like it, and you don’t know the reasons why.

4.) Many Projects
Having a lot of projects is not bad especially if you earn more and you enjoy what you are doing. What makes it bad is when you cannot handle all your project’s anymore. And if you can not handle them, you will miss deadlines and the quality of your work is compromised. What can you do if you can delegate your extra tasks to other freelancers to make your work on. Just make sure to guide them in order to provide almost the same output as yours.

5.) Toxic Client
Working with toxic clients is one of the challenges that freelancers are facing. The same with the corporate world, in freelancing, we can encounter toxic people and this type of people affects your productivity. As much as possible, if you can not avoid this type of client, learn to manage them well and if you get a chance, end your contract with them immediately.

Even though you are unhappy in your freelancing, no matter what is the reason behind your sadness, keep moving forward and thrive for the success of your freelancing career. Don’t give up, they’re just part of the process of going to the road of success.

We desire all the best in your digital career and our commitment to your success doesn’t end after the course. We will assist you with getting online freelancing experiences and hiring opportunities.