What will you do if the client pays you late in freelancing


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Have you experienced when your client is paying your salary late? How did you react to that?

Some of the newbies in freelancing don’t know how to deal with this kind of situation, some of them feel nervous and some are hopeless.

Here are the simple tips on what will do if your client pays your salary late in freelancing.

Check your contract and Resend Your Invoice
It is difficult to protect yourself when you’re a freelancer, that is why the contract you had signed is important and is legally binding you to your client. Just in case the client breaches the contract, you have a document, a proof of evidence if ever need a legal repercussions.

There are instances when the client forgets to pay you due to a busy schedule, you can either contact your client and resend your invoice so that they will give a heads up and pay you on the work you have done.

Report the client to the platform that you are working
Communication is essential and so contact and ask your client why they failed to give your salary. When the client will not respond and will continue to ignore you, that’s the time you report the client to the platform you’re under.

Let’s say you are working on a platform such as Upwork, Online jobs, Fiverr and many more. The best thing that you could do is to report the client by sending an email to the platform that you are working. It is their duty to protect you against fraud clients therefore, they will be giving sanctions, and trace the client, especially the worst clients. Once found out, these worst clients will be imprisoned.

Following Up With a Phone Call
Sometimes dealing with a phone is a more effective way than sending them several emails. If you’re ready to make a call, contact your client. Make sure to explain sincerely, you may ask if they already received your email about your payment. It will open the door for them to discuss the situation why they are paying you late.

You will then understand the reason why your salary is sent late. It’s better to ask first before you doubt.

Ending the Client Relationship
If you’ve been trying to contact your client constantly and haven’t got any response, the best thing that you can do is to move on and just keep moving forward to start again, even though your client didn’t pay you.

Consider it as a charge to experience, and you will be wiser next time when choosing your client. You will learn to negotiate in having a cash advance to be able to test the credibility and legitimacy of your client.