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Help! I am having second thoughts on my chosen name and its hindering my start up progression.

When the name "virtual office genie" popped up in my head I thought, "that's it, perfect" and jumped onto the computer to purchase my domain,

Well now I'm afraid I didn't think it through and the whole name is much too long. I want to register my LLC but I'm not so sure on my name anymore.

My fear is that it does not sound "professional" and people will not take me seriously. My other thoughts are that it is too long and tedious to remember. But part of me likes something about it.

Does anyone have any advice on ways to either shorten or abbreviate the name? Any opinions as to wether my name reflects the business? (My niche will be mostly general office admin. for small business and entrepreneurs)

Any thoughts or criticism are welcomed. Thank you!

Your Virtual Wizard

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I think Virtual Office Genie is a good name. If you like it and it is a reflection of who you are then I say use it.

If you feel it is too long then why don't you purchase another? If your site isn't up and you are not using it then play with other derivatives of the name.

I would suggest you purchase VAGenie or Virtual Assistant Genie or any derivative of the name you chose and then set up your host to redirect those domains to your main domain TheVirtualAssistantGenie OR, you can just simply use another name.

Not sure if I helped. But do let me know more and I will see if I can assist further.


VA Karen

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I agree with Janine. Play around with the name, and if you come up with different variations and still can't decide then ask friends, family, neighbors which one would be easy for them to remember. Good luck.


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Thank you for the tips!

I believe I may end up purchasing a second domain name that I will forward to my current existing name. is a good suggestion. I may do something with just the letters, like (Office Genie Virtual Assistance) (Virtual Assistance Office Genie)

Decisions, Decisions...

Your Virtual Wizard

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My suggestion is that you want to look at what you select from the eyes of someone who may be trying to find you in the search engines. If you use acronyms that are not understandable, they may not find you.



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