Virtual Assistant Forums got a shout out in Redbook Magazine!


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Hey Tess and VAs,

I was briefly interviewed by a journalist re: at-home careers. I have a tiny mention in the Redbook article along with VA forums. (November issue)

Happy dance!

[Admin edit: Jan was kind enough to send a PDF copy of the article - thanks Jan! You can read it here.]


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Re: VA Forums got a shout out in Redbook Magazine!

Jan that is the COOLEST!! :) Thank you for mentioning the forums during your interview!
I will have to try to track down the issue. Do you have a copy? I'd love to see it!


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Nicely done, Jan!!! Congrats, too, to Tess for this exposure. How cool is this?! YAY VAF! I can't wait for the issue to come out too!


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Thank you all! I so appreciate this forum for the support.

As far as landing the interview, for 4 years I wrote parenting articles for regional parenting magazines before my VA life, so I was/am part of Freelance Success, a writer's forum. I just happen to see Deb K. asking for a woman who worked from home. It was a brief interview, and I honestly forgot all about it. So I was thrilled when the fact checker got back to me a month ago. :yikes: