Virtual Assistant Contracts

I actually provide one contract for each project or on-going service, depending on what the client needs.

If it's on-going services, I would raise my rates when appropriate with notice of course.
I think I have really screwed up and I have no idea how to get out of this situation. I met a potential client, after our 2nd meeting I gave her my checklist of services for her to look through,I also gave her an option of retainer or non-retainer fee. She of course loved what I do and wants to use my services but...can't afford my prices.

She wants to talk me down $10 less than the discount I am already giving her. Now I'm willling to give her a discount but not "give my time away".

Has anyone had this problem? What ways did you go about solving it?
I don't think you should discount your services any further. I'm sure this customer doesn't discount all of his/her services to the general population. I've read over and over again that we should stick to our prices and not discount them for people like this. They're already getting a great value.


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I use some generic forms that I designed myself, however, I do look forward using some more professional forms that are VA oriented.


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OH! So I need 50 posts before I can see those contracts!!


Was wondering why the link didn't work from the ebook!


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Hi All,

Have a quick question - I am currently working on my retainer agreement and just wondering whether I should list my services included under retainer?

Many thanks,


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Hi Virtcell,

In my service agreements, I list a description of services that I will be providing for that client (but I do not list all the services I provide, in general, in that agreement).
I wasn't sure about that one Kathy - having all services there might help upsell but then again I offer a wide range so it might just be confusing.


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I wouldn't list all my services in a service agreement because my service agreement is for contracting with a client for a specific service. For instance, if an attorney client only wanted me to do E-Filing, then that's all that's listing in the service agreement, not any of the other services I offer.
I was thinking it would be just a checklist of all the possible services with only the applicable ones checked. Is yours just a blank space where you list the specific service then? Right now I have one client and I am doing social media, sales, marketing, administrative/emails, graphic design, web design, procedures/writing/blog management etc. all for just this one client.


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Yes, the Description of Services area of my agreement is blank until I type in the specific service(s) agreed upon.