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Following are terms of service for your membership at VAF.

--- You can include whatever information you want in your profile.
Your profile is your responsibility. Profiles are indexed by the search engines.

--- You can use your VAF blog the same way you would use a blog on your business website.
Your blog is your responsibility. Blogs are indexed by the search engines.


--- You MUST use the signature feature if you are going to 'sign' your posts.
Create or edit your signature under the QUICK LINKS tab in the main menu

Your signature MAY INCLUDE anything relevant to the VA profession, such as: links to your business site and social networking profiles, products and services for sale, associations, affiliations, non-forum memberships, certifications, ezines, newsletters, blogs, courses, events, affiliate links, etc. KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL


--- You grant VAF a license to maintain the content (your posts) on the site.
Do not ask to have them removed. We do NOT delete posts on request.

--- YES, your posts ARE indexed by search engines - unless posted in a private section.

--- Your posts should be placed in the appropriate section.

--- Do not use your posts to promote something or ask for work.

(If you have something to promote, put it in the Classifieds section and/or your signature.
You can also purchase paid advertising here on VAF to get the word out.)

-- Do not include affiliate links in your posts - use your signature, or post a Classified ad.

--- Please respect the organic process through which information is introduced and shared at VAF.
Posts with an advertising agenda for yourself or on behalf of your client do not meet that criteria.

--- Posts MUST contribute value to the conversation and the community.
Members who run up post count but do not contribute to the conversation will be removed from the site.

If you are researching, developing, or otherwise creating a product or service aimed at the VA market you MAY ask your research questions, etc. on the boards but you MAY NOT mention, plug, link to, or otherwise include information about the product or service you are working on.
In other words, do not combine research questions with 'priming the market' for your product.

Posts that violate this rule will be REMOVED from the site and the author will rec'v an infraction.
If you have questions about how or where to post something of this nature contact the site admin for clarification.

When your product is READY you are welcome to promote it in your signature, in the Classifieds, or via paid VAF advertising.

We have a zero-tolerance spam policy across the site (boards, social groups, blogs, etc.)
Spamming this community equals a loss of access to the site.

Please REPORT SPAM by clicking the 'report' option in the bottom right corner of the post.

-- Posting the SAME message over and over again - that is SPAM

-- Posts do not deliver value to the discussion - that is SPAM
(do NOT post "thank you's" all over the forums just to raise your post count)

-- Using posts to sell or promote something, or including affiliate links - that is SPAM
(again, use the Classifieds section, your signature, or one of the many advertising options for this)

-- Posting links to other forums - that is SPAM

-- Asking other members for work or trying to hire fellow members outside of the Classifieds or the PM system - that is SPAM

We're all professionals here - follow the rules and remember this is a FREE resource for all to utilize and benefit from.
Help keep this great community FREE by keeping it spam free. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

We hope you enjoy the new relaxed signature rules here at VAF! :)


New Member
Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

Read and do I have anything new to add to my signature?


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Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

Thanks! I am looking forward to checking out the next signature options!

Jenn B

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Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

Read and agreed to. I've posted my question about the specifics of the contact information ban in a separate thread.


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Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

I have read and understand, and appreciate the updated TOS ;)


New Member
Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

I have read the terms and understand them. Thank you for this added bonus.


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Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

I have read and understood, and agree to the terms and conditions

Virtual Business Services

Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service

I have read and understand the changes.