Vacation Procedures?

Do you take a vacation(s) during the summer? How do you communicate that to your clients? Do you close down? Take it with you? Forward to another VA?

I just sent out a letter to my ongoing clients to alert them of the weeks I would be out of the office. I immediately received a thank you from one of my clients and that she was stealing my template to communicate her own vacation time to her clients.

It's important to allow yourself some personal family time. That is why we do what we do, right?

Happy Summer!

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Hi Catherine,

I let my clients know in advance that I am taking time off. I front load the work before I leave so work is complete before I leave. If that is not possible, I will sub out a VA for X amount of time to pick up something I won't be able to do while I am away. Of course, I communicate my intentions with my client. This is rare but it has happened.

In my absence, I will leave a name and email address and phone of another VA in the event there is an emergency.

Sounds like you have handled your absence beautifully. Have a great vacation!



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In taking time off, how does that effect what the client has paid for. Is it because they are paying for a package that time is not an issue for the clients?


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It can also help to take your vacation when most people are on vacation too. The most popular vacation time is the second week of July according to this article:

Also, it helps if you do work that is flexible and can be done ahead of time. This is one reason why I generally don’t do work that can require constant availability. This is mostly work that involves managing a client’s connections such as taking calls, scheduling appointments, managing emails, etc. That is work you cannot do in advance.