Uber Clone App


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First let us have a look at the necessary features to make an app like uber:
  • Geolocation, Routing and directions should be sorted
  • Opt for Cashless payment feature. Make safe,seamless and cashless payment possible.
  • Calculate the fare according to your ride
  • Registration should be easy to access. Give access to the registration page via circulating links on social media
  • Apply Push notifications
  • Give the facility of prior bookings
  • Design UI/UX fully user-friendly
  • Allow cancellations on particular rides without penalty

The final cost to develop an app like Uber is in between $55000 to $120,000 for Android or iOS platforms.

Best technologies to use:
For Android: Java
For iOS: Objective- C, Swift
Cross-Platform: React Native, Flutter

Applying voice search, smart eWallets, heat maps, forward ride,statistical dashboard are some of the features you can give a thought to in order to make your app user, admin and driver friendly.