Typical turnaround time offered?


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Hi All - I'm wondering if anyone works with Interior Designers or Decorators?

This is the group I would like to target but I'm working on my Terms and contract and in thinking about the nature of the work it seems like much of it would be somewhat "rush". Do you still do 24-48 hour turnaround and how has that worked for you?


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This is a great question and shows that you're really thinking about your market.
I do think it's important to realize though, that in order for your business to function (and for you to remain sane ;) ) you'll need to have a standard turnaround time that both you and your clients can count on.

IF your clients tend to be 'last minute' and need things in a rush (and I can assure you those clients exist in every niche possible) then have a rush policy in place. A premium fee for a premium service/turnaround.

The goal is for clients to understand and respect your workflow and to only ask for a rush if it's truly an emergency, and they can afford to invest the premium fee to see their task take precedence over anything else on your to-do list.