Question Trying to decide on a name???


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Hi All!

I am trying to decide on a name for my company. I am thinking of Themis Paralegal Services. Themis is the Greek Titaness of Order and Law. But I am worried that no one will find me because the name is so different. What do you all think? Thanks for any advice!!

Kevyn Smith,


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It's all about Branding. It could also be what sets you apart in a very good way! It's got a great ring to it, if you're happy with it, I'd go for it!

Your Virtual Wizard

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While I do like the name, I wonder if the name will be difficult for people to remember. If the name is so unusual and people are not aware of it ahead of hearing it, I think some names may not be memorable and you would want them to remember in order to type it into a search.

I believe a name should be clear about what you do or the service you provide. Paralegal Services says just that. Consider if being YOU is the item that will set you apart from another paralegal. Not a name but something explaining what makes your business special, "Speedy Paralegal" "Accurate Paralegal"...that kind of name.

Your Virtual Dream Team is the name of my company. It explains what I do. I create virtual teams (for successful entrepreneurs).

What do you think Kevyn? Is the name working for you?