Traveling for a networking event?

Just a quick question - How far outside of your local area would/do you travel for networking? I live in a relatively rural area with larger cities an hour from me. Would it be worth the drive?


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Re: Traveling

I have gone cross country to attend an event. Of course it was as much for professional development as networking.

I too live in a rural area and will travel an hour or so to network. They must be worth it though as I do not want to drive that distance for a social circle.


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Re: Traveling

I've also flown to another state for an event or meetup but like Lee mentioned it HAS to be worth the investment.

One thing I do factor in is that travel expenses are a write off for something like this, and it is a great way to expand horizons!


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I live in a Big City so the farthest I will travel is 30 mins away. But next week I will be traveling to my Family Reunion so any one can give me some advise as to how I can tie a little networking into my Vac/Reunion please share. Thanks