Question To BNI or not to BNI?


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Hi All!

I was recently invited to be part of my local BNI. I'm wondering if there are any other VA's out there who have participated and found it valuable for their business. I've read the one post on here about the BNI presentation but I wanted more thorough answers than what I saw there.

Did you earn back the money that you put into your BNI? Because let's face it, it is expensive.
Did you feel that it was too much of a time commitment?
Do you think it it works for VAs? I ask that question because a lot of online reviews said that BNI's work better for those who primarily want business in a local area...and as we know, ours is more, well, global.

So if any of you have been part of a BNI presently or previously, I'd love to know your thoughts!


Cynthia P

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Great question, as I am struggling with similar concerns. I know our local business networking groups (including BNI) seem to refer a fair amount of business to each other within the group (so I have heard), but I wonder if that is because it's a small community. In a bigger city, would you get the same result? I am leaning towards joining at the moment to get momentum in my business locally.


I had decided not to get a BNI membership due to another post I had made regarding this and the feedback I had received.


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I don't BNI but my biggest client does and I'm his fill in when he can't make it. I really love networking, it's how I've built about 80% of my business but I don't love BNI. I do however think the right BNI group would be really helpful for a VA.

I didn't join because it's expensive, it meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am. YOu have to get a fill in if you can't make it and you are supposed to not only get referrals but make them, it's got to be mutual. And honestly I don't really know, with the type of businesses that are in the local BNI who I'd ever get to refer to them.

Mostly it was the meeting every single week, only 3 misses allowed in a year. But I do just about every other networking event around me.