The Pros And Cons Of Freelancing


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The flexibility of working from home has so many advantages. One of these advantages is working on flexible hours where you can handle your own time. Another is the benefit of traveling when you want to because in the corporate world, you are not allowed to take long leaves.
Staying at Home
Getting late at work because of traffic is one of the worst scenarios every employee experiences. By working at the comfort of your home, you don’t need to commute and experience traffic, it saves your time and effort in getting to work. Also, when you work at home, you don’t need to put on business suits, a pajama is just right to start the day.
On the other hand, when you’re a freelancer and you’re also a mom, you tend to have lots of distractions like crying babies, household chores and any home related distractions. Also, dressing the way you dress in the office, to some it makes them ugly which leads to not confident in working.
Freelancers Work Alone
As a freelancer, you are the only one working in a project, but sometimes you also get to work with a team. When you’re working alone, your outputs are appreciated and it makes you eager and motivated to deliver extraordinary outputs to your clients.
However, to those you can not work alone, it will be difficult for them to finish their tasks and they might not be able to deliver the task on time because of possible reasons like lack of confidence and fear that their output might not please the client.
The Lack Of Social Contact
If you’re thinking about jumping into freelancing, you will have freedom. When you become a freelancer, you’ll be able to go to any place, anytime, anywhere.
But, when you’re in a corporate world, you can socialize more often because you see your office mates physically.