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HI there I am still doing all my research and getting my ducks in a row so thank you in advance for any help!
I was wondering how you would handle the situation if a PC asks for references and you should be sending them to your website to see the testimonials you've received from other clients BUT if you are new and just starting out so you have none, how would you handle this situation?

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Do you have any references from previous employers? You could direct people to them. They could speak highly of working with you, even though it may not have been virtually.

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Hello mrsjkap,

This is a terrific question and one that I respond to when VAs ask me about obtaining testimonials for their proposals when submitting for opportunities through RFPs (Request for Proposals).

Testimonials are crucial for virtual assistants as you know we don't offer resumes and references such as an employee-employer situation.

This is how I would build my testimonial base:

1) Make sure all of your social media profiles that you use are in tip-top shape with the best profile pictures, posts, and content. While this is not a testimonial, a solid internet presence adds credibility to your reputation.

2) Start a blog and post great content that speaks to the audience you wish to resonate with. This will help build your search engine optimization (SEO) and provides readers with a good indication as to the expertise you offer. Use good keywords, phrases and images that are relative to your business and the audience you wish to reach. Again, this helps to support your credibility as a business owner.

3) Offer your services to a VA as a subcontractor for a subcontracting rate and ask for a testimonial. You may also find that this VA will refer to other VAs for additional work, which assists in obtaining even more testimonials.

4) Volunteer your services. I cannot tell you how this can serve a new VA in so many ways while giving back to an organization that needs assistance. Just one volunteer project can reap more than one testimonial which adds to your portfolio.

  • Check with your local synagogue, church, YMCA, HOA or community center, Boys and Girls Club, Humane Society and library and offer your services. Even if you are not offering VA services to these organizations, the testimonials can describe your work ethic, dependability, reliability, etc.
  • If you can't volunteer locally, try and click on the left for virtual opportunities. You an have virtual opportunities sent to your Inbox for organizations that need VA services country-wide. You can offer one hour a week. Ask for testimonials. Hone your skills. Learn new skills all at a lower risk than if someone was paying you.

I worked at my son's middle school in the media center and put together a book drive for the African Library Project. I worked there 3 hours once per week. I used my marketing skills to promote the event and created advertisement that reached our local news outlet. The team I created was interviewed on TV. I received testimonials galore and could support my marketing and promotion services from just this one project. But most importantly, one school in Africa received a container of books. So there was much satisfaction from volunteering.

5) Create a for your local area and offer advice for the services you offer to your group. Ask your library if you can conduct a class for patrons. Offer advice on starting a business, social media, or whatever your specialty might be. Have your printed marketing materials ready with business cards. I recommend creating a group to share your knowledge as this can often reap new clients who can then offer solid testimonials.

6) Finally, consider having more than one means for people to leave you testimonials. Create a Google Voice number for free and post that on your website with a blurb asking people to phone in their testimonials. Create a testimonial page on your website and embed those audio links into your site. You can also received testimonials on LinkedIn so don't hesitate to copy those onto the testimonial page.

Good luck!