Question Tasks versus Projects


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I look at projects as just that and task as a part of the project. For example, a website creation would be the project and the tasks would be adding the theme, styling the theme, adding content, etc. This for me is billed as one project.

Most of my services are now billed as projects and not individual tasks, but that is a preference for my types of services.

A case of billing for a task may be appointment setting and confirmation. Each appointment or confirmation would be viewed as a task (part of the overall ongoing project).

Hope this helps.


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Lee's breakdown pretty much sums it up.

Essentially I charge time for various tasks against a client's retainer - month after month.

For something like a website build (which is what Lee does) you might have a total project price, which would break down into it's necessary components (tasks) and might be listed on the invoice individually but not necessarily priced individually.