Question Talk to me about REVA Academy...

VA Allie

I'm considering specializing as a REVA but have *no* real estate knowledge whatsoever. Will taking the bootcamp course with REVA Academy give me the skills I need to go out and market myself to clients? I'm not really the "fake it till I make it" type - I like to have solid skills before proceeding...


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I would contact REVA Academy and ask them these questions. I am not and REVA but have extensive knowledge on the mortgage loan and home buying processes. There is some specific information that you need and particular programs that they use but I believe it is all learnable.

What I cannot tell you is the the course covers it since I have not taken it or know anyone who has.

VA Allie

Good morning Lee,

The REVA Academy website does state that you'll be ready to go at the end of their course, but I was hoping to get a more unbiased opinion (since obviously they are selling something :)).

Hoping someone on here has taken the course and can advise...


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I started VA'ing 4 years ago now, and prior to that I spent 7 years as a In-Office REA and on top of that about 10 years of being my mom's (an RE agent) "little helper". I never had the drive to get my license, so I ended up behind the scenes. With that said, I've read several books about Real Estate Assisting and nothing really taught me anything I already hadn't learned on the job. For someone who has been in it previously, I don't see them being very helpful, however if you are new to it, you might get some good insight into what to expect. However, most of it will be learned on the job and you will pick up as you go. I've looked into the REVA Academy, and perhaps may consider it in the future to see if I am lacking anywhere, but with my experience and technical knowledge, if I do it for any reason, it will be for the purposes of saying I've completed it and getting the "bonus points" from prospects and giving an added layer of legit-ness. For someone totally new to the profession, I'd say you could possibly earn some things that might be beneficial.


That's what I was thinking. If I do complete a REVA Academy course it would be so I could put it on my Letters of Application to potential Clients.