Tagline thoughts?


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Lit services,

I like it, but I would also remove the second "the." It seems a bit long for my liking, but the tagline definitely catches my eye, and says "I know what I'm doing, and I'll deliver." Ha.

I would definitely keep it, then. :)


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I like it - it definitely says to me "this company is professional and knows what they are doing"

I agree with Susan and Beth about removing the second "the".
What if I made it a real simple tagline. Something like..

"Your Virtual Paralegal"

Sorry I'm still in the beginning stages and I keep changing my mind! I just want to make sure people know what I do right off the bat.


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Hi. I prefer your first tagline, for me it is catchy and very straightforward, gives people an idea on what to expect about your services. :)
Ok so one vote for "Your 24/7 Paralegal" and one for "The experience you need, results you can trust"

Maybe there is a way to incorporate both onto my website somehow?

Thanks for everyones thoughts so far!

Leslie Teixeira

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Personally, I would only use "24/7" if you literally plan to be available 24/7. That being said, I prefer your first tag line.

Best of luck!