Question Switching Clients from Hourly Rate to Packages


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Hello there,

I'm really wanting to switch my clients from hourly to packages. When I was getting started, I was hungry for work, so I was flexible with people on being hourly (when I really wanted packages or monthly payments).

I just signed a new client on a package fee and I love it and am no longer pitching hourly. So, ideally I want to make everything simple and switch my clients from hourly rate to packages.

Have you ever switched our clients from hourly to packages? If so, how did you approach them?

I've been with these clients for a few months now and they all are satisfied with my work, get along with them great, so I don't foresee much apprehensiveness, but I want to approach in a way that is respectful. I don't want them to feel like I got them in by giving hourly and now they have to pay monthly.

Any tips would be much appreciated!:sunny: