Should you have Target Market or not?


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I have done some research and taken some VA classes as I am starting up as a VA. Most of the classes recommend having a target market. I get that it makes sense to focus your business and become an expert to a specific market, but my question is, do you recommend starting a target market right away when you first start up?

I have an idea for my target market (start-ups and business coaches) but I'm not sure yet. In my mind, it makes sense to work for a variety of business initially and over time I can decide which markets seems to jive with me better.

I would love to know your thoughts and advice on this. Thanks!


I definitely think you should have a target market but be flexible to accepting others if that is the direction you want to go.


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I think it's better to have a target market, but especially in the beginning, be open to working with people who don't fit right into it. I'm going to focus on authors, but I've been an executive assistant for 15 years, so if I get a client who would make use of those skills instead, I'll absolutely work with them.


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Having a target market does two things for you and your business:
It gives you a direction to aim your marketing (otherwise how BIG will your net have to be??) AND it allows you to craft a voice and message that resonates with your market (pain points are unique to different types of businesses and industries and you can't solve everyone's problems across the board)

There's something to be said for a focused effort - it'll make your marketing more precise and more effective.

Good luck! :)


I definitely suggest figuring out who your target market is. The first few months of me starting out, I would work with just about anyone. That's a very terrible decision to make 99.9% of the time. Working with different types of people starting out isn't a bad idea in my mind. It'd help you weed out who you like and don't like to work with.

A suggestion: make a physical list of the traits of someone you'd like to work with, personality-wise. For me, how a client behaves in a working relationship is more important than the industry in which they work.

Best of luck to you! :)