Sharing your "credentials" (Coursera courses)


Hey all

I wasn't really sure where to place this thread. So forgive me if there's a more appropriate section of the forum.

Recently I've been taking Coursera courses and working toward Capstone certifications for things like project management, SMM, etc. They are all things I know how to do but I don't yet have the glowing testimonials to show for it. I'm wondering if anyone sees it as valuable information to share on my LinkedIn page. I don't plan on adding them to my website. The only badge I'll add there is the IVAA certification (once I eventually take the test).

Opinions? Thanks in advance. :)

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Hi Aiyana,

Yes, adding your credentials to your LinkedIn page shows that you are taking the initiative, which is something that is attractive to potential clients. I would recommend that you add this to your profile.




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I agree - Linkedin is a great place to showcase this type of thing.
That said, unless clients are already familiar with these organizations they may not really know what they mean - but certainly to those who do it shows that you're involved in continuing education - always a good thing!