Really confused about what to call myself


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Hi folks. I'm new to VAF, but I have been working from home since 2009. Initially, the services I provided were most certainly VA related.

However, in the last couple of years I began to offer other services that more pertain to team management, project planning and business development/coaching.

While all these things can sort of be thrown into the VA title, I'm not really sure I can call myself a VA anymore.

I'd be real curious to know if any of you have gone through this sort of transition and how you handled this.

This relates to the big business project I am working on now, which among other things requires me to determine if I need to create a "business name" to use for my business, or just use my name.


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Hi Pandora, I definitely started out as a virtual assistant - but then moved into web development and design, and ultimately SEO. Then incarnated multiple times into different niches that were interesting to me. I didn't change from 'VA' to 'web developer' but did list those services separately on the website I had at the time.

I *still* call myself a mix of things and have not landed on anything too far outside of 'business consultant' and 'virtual assistant' - because I am both, all the time, interchangeably.

One of the great things about being a virtual assistant is you can build a pretty big umbrella around a wide swath of different types of services - and because the term is now more widely understood and used, it's advantageous to use it (at least somewhere in your content) from an SEO standpoint and in terms of how potential clients receive you.

I've seen some drama online about the term 'assistant' being a negative, or that it somehow doesn't live up to the level of service and abilities of what some VAs offer - but I don't see it that way.

In all industries there are levels of service, skill, and success - I know VAs who make 6 figures and are perfectly happy calling themselves virtual assistants without exception.

What do you *want* to call yourself? :)


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Thanks Tess, for that informative history on your own experience relating to my question.

I'm still on the fence about what I want to call myself, but I think a visit with a word resource site online should be one of my next research tasks.

Seems like very word I seem to think of has associations with other industries:

Support - IT, Customer Service, Helpdesk
Consultant - Makes me think of public speakers and those annoying personality guru's who train corporate employees.

I do however, really dig the word "organize" heh. Off to the WWW.


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Hi Pandora -my actual company name has changed 3 times in the last seven years, because of changes in what I was offering. In the beginning I focused mostly on lead generation/appointment setting (Tammy's Appointment Setters, seemed a great DBA), then, at the most, 6 mths in I also began offering VA work, so I became Tammy's Appointments & Business Services - way too long! haha In the end I settled on Tammy's Office Solutions because it still retained some of what clients associated with me (and the brand I had already begun building) - mostly my name, and also included the solutions I was offering my clients.

In regard to your Title/Position & services, have you considered any of these: Virtual Office Manager, Business Support Services (of course you could put 'V.P. of...' in front of that -Lol), Virtual Project Manager (depending on the type of job/client) or simply, Virtual Administrator (vs. Virtual Administration or Virtual Assistant)? Just some thoughts that came to mind.


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Thanks Tammy,

I'm deep in the middle of lots of things related to this (mostly research and new action lists). Your suggestions are good. I'm leaning to Business Support Services for now, simply because I want to launch something THIS year, by gawd! LOL. As a freelancer, I've already transitioned once, but that was on a big Freelancer site, and I didn't have to ah.."build" anything. Very different this time around, and way more complicated.
Hi Pandora, One way to attract or land a

good client is to have a good business

name, putting your name on your business

name is somehow a good idea. Also try to

indicate what kind of particular service

are you offering so their will be no

confusions.As a VA working for Elitework,

sometimes i include my job title on my name

so they will recognize it immidiately.

Mariane Lacaba(Elitework)