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I want to put my second monitor above my current monitor so I can alternate standing and sitting. Any ideas on how to do this? I had a separate workstation with a different computer, but that was not practical, so I am going to try hooking both monitors to the same computer.

Also, I'm using just a regular split cable because I want the same thing on both screens. I'm having trouble with the screens being too dark with I use the split cable. Any ideas on the problem, or maybe I need to use a more expensive solution to connect them?



Hmm, to put it above your screen...

Well my first thought is that I don't think a desk exists that has that ability so you would have to create something yourself. There are ways to suspend it from the ceiling. Or you could do the simple thing and put your desk against a wall, then put a shelf just above the other monitor and put the second monitor on it.

The shelf would be the cheapest option. But a little more expensive would be two wall mounts with an articulating arm for each allowing you to move the monitors to the proper comfort level.

I'm not sure about the cost for this.

That's the microsoft link about attaching two monitors to each other. The cable might be to blame for the color darkening.

That is my absolutely favorite place to buy computer parts. The cost is half of what you would pay in the store, and everything on the site is reviewed by those who have bought from them it making it very useful. You should even be able to find instructions how to do what you need to do to get it to no longer have the problem with the color. You can also try TigerDirect but I personally like Newegg better. You would need to pay and wait for delivery with either place, but the savings in cost are worth it.

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I was thinking of building a shelf-type thing to stand on my desk for one monitor to fit under and sit the other one on top, but didn't know if anyone knew of something like that that already existed. Can't put the desk up against a wall. I like Newegg, too. Just received an order from them, in fact. Great service. Thanks for the links!


The only thing I can think of is the wall mounted articulating arm. But I think they might be expensive so the shelf might be a better option.

You're welcome for the links. It's really great that you know Newegg. I've bought every computer part I have in the last 4 years from them.


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Most office supply stores (Office Max, Office Depot) have desk shelves, some made for monitors. I would check out your local office supply store and see what they have available.

As for the dual mirror display... In windows you can either set multiple monitors to "Extend desktop display". Meaning to be able to put different item on each monitor. Or you can set them to duplicate display, which shows the same things on both monitors.

The display settings are found in different places, depending on what version of Windows you are utilizing.

In Windows 7:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Choose "Appearance and Personalization"
  • Click "Display"
  • Click "Change display settings"
  • Click on the secondary monitor and in the Drop down list next to Multiple displays choose "Duplicate desktop on 1 and 2"
In Windows XP:

  • Right click on Desktop
  • Choose "Properties" (This will bring up the Display Properties dialog box.)
  • Click the "Settings" tab
  • Click on Monitor 1 Icon
    • Make sure boxes are checked that say "use this device as my primary monitor" and "Extend My Windows Desktop to this monitor"
  • Click on Monitor 2 Icon
    • Make sure the box next to "Extend My Windows Desktop to this Monitor" is NOT checked.
  • Apply and close
  • This method does not work on all machines. Sometimes it is dependent on the video card installed.
Another option is to use a 3rd party software to manage your monitors.

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Thank you, Julie for your detailed response to Pam’s question. I have heard of the benefits of using two monitors to save time, I have wanted to try it. I did not know you could extend the desktop display, that’s interesting. When I am ready to add a second monitor, I will know exactly how to install it.


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Wow Candy - very nice! :) I only work on my laptop but I can see how four monitors would be fun.


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@Candy Color me green ;-) My husband has dual monitors at his office, he's a software engineer, and I already have plans for that. But, WOW, quad monitors... I think you made my geeky little heart beat just a bit faster. I may have to rethink my desk options...


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I also have 4 monitors running. My are all next to each other (not two on top, two on bottom). I am lost when I work on my laptop with one monitor. I always have different items open on all 4 monitors at the same time. Great for multitasking.



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Working with dual monitors saves a lot of time and is so much easier. You can usually find inexpensive monitors on Craigslist.


*looks at thread*


Quad Screens by CandyTX, on Flickr

Now THAT is a monitor set up. Yes, it's mine :) Yes, I do use all four screens and yes, it's awesome.

Thank you, I have been describing that screen setup to my husband for two years. He said he couldn't do it. Ha ha now I have proof it can be done. I'm getting my fourth monitor out of the closet as we speak....


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for me two monitors is a must. i do a lot of order entry into a system that is very hard to deal with at times. my clients fill out an excel spreadsheet with details and its super easy copy/paste major details when i dont have to toggle back n forth between the different programs. total time saver.

4 monitors that is hardcore.


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Holy crap! This thread is threatening my ADD tendencies to be triggered, LOL

I might need a nap after this.

One monitor is plenty for me. I can only multi-task so much before I realize it is futile. I also can't do social things online during work, like many can. It's one or the other, then I catch up on G+, chat and Twitter during breaks.

I know a lot of nerds/geeks/biz folks who have more than one monitor and could never manage, it's just not for me.


I love my two monitors... I can't work without them. They're great for clicking and dragging. But four, Candy?! Wow! I may have to try that one day!