Question for those who provide social media services


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How do you keep up with posting for your own business? I am very busy keeping my client's profiles / postings active, but if prospects click to my profiles, my own postings are sparse. I almost feel like removing the links to my profiles on my website :blush2:


Indeed we can get overwhelmed with running our clients' social media it is so easy to forget about our own. But that's not the case if you are using a scheduling application. I am not really consistent on social media as I would be but during the times I am, I actually plan for and schedule my posts for various platforms for up to a month in advance...for example, this weekend I will sit and plan my posts for July and schedule all of them. I use Hootsuite to manage the scheduling but sometimes if I am only dealing with Facebook I make use of Facebook scheduling feature. It really helps and I don't have to worry about it for a whole month. I just watch for comments and also share posts as they will be getting posted.

I hope this helps.


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I agree with doing it a month in advance so you don't have to worry about it for a while. If I had some free time, I would do it a year in advance :laugh3: but I really haven't had much time for my social media lately either since I am also working on another project besides my VA biz. I think the really time consuming thing is writing your own content such as writing blog posts. It takes more time but directs people right to your site, unlike third party links.
That brings me to another question for those who do social media: What percent of the posts do you write and what percent are third party posts?


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I used to run a social media profile on every single platform for my business and then I realized that was neither productive nor useful. I culled it down to ONE - and I keep the Facebook business page. It's active, engaging and well-engaged, and I don't have to tear my hair out to keep it populated with good info (thanks especially to Buffer and

Re the question on third party posts: I try to run about half and half so that there's a nice mix of information, voices, etc. And (ideally) about half of those third party posts are shares from someone else's page with the other half being curated from news lists, Content Gems, or Google News.

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I agree with keeping the social media sites you post to at a minimum. I post to Facebook (which as discussed above, has the awesome scheduling feature) and I post to LinkedIn (which you can then connect to your Twitter account so it posts there automatically too).

I also do a combination of writing my own posts and sharing third-party posts. I don't blog at all. I had found in the past that I was agonizing over and spending far too much time writing blogs and honestly, never received any leads from them. I know they work for others, but I just didn't have that experience with them.


  1. Use checklists for your systems.
  2. Use a written to-do list.
  3. Experiment with designating days for tasks.