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How often do you have to use a printer when working for a client?

I currently don't own one. When I do need to print something (for personal a reason) I usually go the local library or my mothers up the road.

I ask because if it's not something that's used often then I'll wait to get one.

I know it will all depend on the services offered, I'm jist wondering in general.


I have been working as a VA for over 5 years and in that time I have used my printer only a few times. Usually if its something bulk I will let the client know that I will outsource it at a kinkos or something and then send them the bill for it. If its just a few pages I suck up the charges and print from home but like I mentioned I have rarely had to do that. Again, though I would think it would depend on the type of clients you are taking on.


Hi Stacie!

Nice to have you at the forum!

My printer broke in October and I miss it; however, I only printed for my personal use - not for clients. Currently, I'm sending documents to my husband (who also works from home) and he prints on his printer.



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I usually print out my contracts which I sign, scan and then email to the client so they have a copy. I guess you don't NEED a printer but it would still be to your benefit to have an inexpensive printer with a scan feature. You'll probably need to scan more than print so getting an all-in-one is prob your best option.


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Interesting to note how little people use printers these days. I do print my business receipts to help with my expense tracking. I also like to print some marketing pieces to fact check what they look like and do a careful pen/paper edit with a red pen. A bit old school, but it gives my eyes a break too. Yes I'd recommend a 3 in one print/scan/fax which can be purchased economically at big box stores or others on sale. Printers are much cheaper these days than they once were.

On another note, great to know VA's are cutting down paper use by being so electronically focused. ;-)

Good luck!

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I primarily use my printer for my own administrative needs, however for clients I do print contracts. So, it is handy to have, but you may manage without one (if you do purchase one, I too, recommend a combo unit: printer, fax, scanner). :)
I ditto what the others are saying. I rarely use my printer. I email most my print jobs to OfficeMax.

An all in one is nice to have. I have a couple of printers (one is a really old b&w out of date all in one and then I have newer color all in one) and a separate scanner. I have the separate scanner because I do heavier scanning than the norm, and the amount of time this scanner saves me was well worth the investment.
I agree with everybody else. Honestly, my printer ran out of ink in March 2012 and I haven't bought more for it since. Why spend $50+ on ink when I can pay for a month of Freshbooks, Elance and Basecamp with that money?


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Like others here I use my printer more for myself then clients. I occasionally print out a contract for a client but even that is usually done by email. I do scan things occasionally but not often.

I have a new Epson printer that cost under $100 and I have to say I find the print quality amazing.


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I use a printer and scanner a lot for one of my clients. One of my clients does not have email right now and I have to fax mail him an invoice.


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I would think it is cheaper to have your own printer and scanner. Black and white printers are better where you find that buying the cartridge ink is cheaper. (Buy a printer that doesn't have expensive cartridges because what makes it expensive are the cartridges you end up buying)

However if you don't have one, you can outsource like most of the ladies have suggested.

For scanning, I think it really depends on the work you are doing but I would imagine most is done online and there is no need to scan. Maybe if you have to sign somewhere and send it back to the client. Most times the client is the one who sends you scanned documents.



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I print for my clients when they have events and need nice copies (usually once a month) but I scan daily for them.

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I am like Joanne. I tend to print things out for proofreading. I also find it easier to make sure I have all the parts of a multi-document project if they are hardcopy.


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This is great to hear - that my fellow VA's are so environmentally friendly! I bought an HP 8600, which is a B&W and color printer, scanner, copier, and fax. I only bought it bc I got a REALLY great after-Christmas sale. I agree that it's not often necessary, but it's also invaluable to have for that "one" time you need to print/scan/copy something - much easier than having to run out to the library or Staples.



I have a new client that I will be scanning a lot for - membership applications that come in the mail as opposed to being emailed to me. Up until this time I have not needed a copier or scanner for business. It all depends on the client projects you might encounter.
Hi Paulette (that's my sister's name also!)
I agree with you about the print/scan. I also just purchased the Omnipage 18 software (Nuance) so that I can scan and edit as well. I'm still learning the software but I know it's going to be extremely helpful. Hope this might help someone else.


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I have owned a printer for years...I dont know how to use it. I print at the office space I rent out or ask my dad to print for me. I guess I just cant be bothered to figure it out lol.


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Haven't used my all-in-one printer for anything other than scanning in ages.

If I have a contract to sign, I use Adobe Reader's signature tool.

I have also used an online service, which name escapes me, now.

-Bobbi Jo