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I listened in on Lisa Wells' webinar this week and was so excited! Excellent information! I am just starting my VA business and loved the sample contracts I received with the bundled contracts package From Tess. However, I am struggling with changing and creating the right verbiage in the contract for packaged services. Can anyone help or give some insight?

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Hi Rena,

I saw that you posted this question earlier.

Once you have your packages, you would insert these in your contracts with your terms for payment and any policies you have in place that Lisa discussed.

What specifically are you having difficult with writing?



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Hi Rena, were you able to sort this out for yourself?
The contracts do offer a nice breakdown of the basic verbiage that should always be included in your contracts, but are meant to be customized to include your own policies and procedures. If you use the chapter on contracts (the text included with the contract templates) it should give you a good idea of the things you need to consider including such as (but not limited to)

- when you'll be available to clients (think working hours, holidays, unexpected time off)
- how you'll communicate with clients (think phone access, email, IM, project management software, etc.)
- what your late payment policies are
- what your rates are
- what your turnaround time will be on projects

etc. etc.

hope that helps a bit!


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Thanks for following up Tess!

Yes, I think I have this figured out (with adjustments to adapt to each type of client).

Thanks for the input. It is so very appreciated - along with all of the valuable information I get on this forum.

I have also been reading through The Bootstrap VA which has even more helpful tips on things to add to my contracts.

Thanks so much for all you do with this forum to help all of us trying to make our way through this business.


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Rena, Lisa is hosting another free webinar on Package Pricing this week - there was one today but there is another tomorrow - in case you want to join in for more info! You can click here to register.