Question Notaries--anybody do "hospital" signings?

We've offered "mobile notary" services for years, but we're thinking of getting on with 123Notary, and I see they have a separate category for "hospital signings", which look like poa's, wills, etc. If this is all it involves, I've done this and more. Is there anything else I need to know to add "hospital signings to our services? I just think it would be a good thing to add.


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I'm giving this question a bump and have shared it on Facebook - hoping we can get you an answer Liz! :)

If, in the meantime, you've learned more about this particular service, please take a moment to post back....
Thanks, Tess. As a matter of fact I've found some good info on National Notary Association (NNA)'s website. I haven't found much on that particular subject yet, but they have blogs on just about every subject.

In fact, I highly recommend that anyone who offers a notary service get on with The membership is worth every penny.