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Due to my office being out in the open, I decided to try a few of the noise-canceling headphones. I bought one from Staples today--Audio-technica ANC 29 noise-canceling. I also ordered one from Walmart--Velodyne vQuiet. The vQuiet in most places is $249 (including Amazon) but for some reason it's $88 at Walmart so I wanted to grab it while it was still that price, knowing I can return either or both.

Anyway, this Audio-technica one works pretty well canceling out noise, BUT my ears get hot in a short period of time and the pressure on my glasses and even just the physical pressure on my head is really bugging me. And the audio you're listening to through the headphones--music, transcription, etc.--changes tone to less base when the noise-canceling is turned on with these. (I don't have the vQuiet ones yet.)

For those of you have noise-canceling headphones, are these things normal? If so, do you get used to them?

Thanks for your input!


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Oh no not good. Pam, I'm also in the market for a good quality set of headphones but haven't decided on any yet. I didn't know whether to purchase them in a package I have seen complete with digital transcription software and a foot pedal... I will be watching this post for replies to see if anyone has any suggestions for you. Good luck!


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Hi Pam,

I have been looking for a pair of noise cancelling headphones for awhile. I'm frugal and haven't quite been ready to bite the bullet. BUT, I have been stalking them online.

The pair I've been contemplating on getting: Bose QuiteComfort 20i. They were featured in PCmag and have a great rating. I like them because the idea of the 80's style headphones isn't appealing to me. I image they would feel too heavy after an hour or so. You also mentioned that your ears get hot and they push against your glasses - so maybe something similar to this style would help?

I currently have a pair of similar to Sony MDR-AS200/PNK Active Sports Headphones, Pink and used them in my cubicle at work. They are small, easy to pack and have lasted over two years. However they aren't noise canceling.

Hope this helps!

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I'm finding through experience and research that noise-cancelling headphones do not work nearly as well for things such as talking and TVs as they do a consistent noise like an air conditioner, fan, refrigerator compressor, or some other type of consistent machine noise. Although I don't know that I'm keeping either one, I do find that the Velodyne vQuiet has a much better audio sound when the noise canceling is turn on than the other one does. The sound is actually really good with these, but I still have the problem with my ears feeling hot and too much pressure in my ears (and physical pressure on my glasses) in a short amount of time.