Need opinions on tagline, logo and name


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Hi so I have chosen my company name. It's called Majestic Virtual Solutions (please give me your opinions on it Truthfully).

and i have attached 3 logos dont know which one to choose please pick your favourite.

My tagline will be

Visualize Perfection, Visualize Majestic

What do you think about all of it.

Thanks guys.



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Good Morning. I think your name is fine and I'm always truthful! That may not sound gung ho enough but honestly I've not seen too many names of VA business or really any biz for that matter that knocks me off my chair. It isn't about the name and yours is fine.

On the logo's, I'm not logo guru but I'd pick either #1 or 2. I don't like the green and orange. The first one to me says that you put the pieces together, the second one is more a take on you operate world wide (or at least those are the first things I thought about when I saw them).


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I love the first logo! But then again, I love puzzles, so I may gravitate towards that. I think the name is fine. My biggest thing with the name is that they need to remember it. As long as they remember it when they go home, then it works :)


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I really like the first puzzle "world." The last one brings back too many bad memories of me trying to solve the Rubic's Cube in the 70's. It is a cool concept, but I think the first two look more majestic. I think you are starting out great! Hope this helps. :)

VN Linda

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I really like the name and 1st logo the tag line i'm not so sure on as I am currently working on my own and been reading lots of tips etc and they say to try get across what you are doing for the client - I don't know what you think but maybe something like: Majestically providing your Solutions (funny that i suddenly have ideas on your company tag line and been struggling with my own for days haha)


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Hello Lynnie,

I wanted to say that I like the second logo the best! However, this logo comes across as a modern, very business/analytical-esque and the word "majestic" does not come to mind when I look at the logo. Picking a name for your business can be very difficult! It took me MONTHS to finally settle on the name (which lots of prodding from my now husband).

If you love the name Majestic Virtual Solutions - maybe go for a more regal, aged/established look to pair more with what people visualize with the word, then craft your tagline from there.


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I really like the name but I'm not sure about the logos. None of them look majestic looking but if I had to choose I think the second one is best.