Question Most popular service?

Hi everyone,

I'm starting this thread just to initiate some conversation :)

What I'm interested in, is what is your most popular service? Of all the RFP's you respond to, or enquiries you get from potential clients - what are they asking for the most?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's responses :)


Hi Alice,

9 times out of 10 for me it's whatever I have done for their friend because a lot of my work comes via referrals. And most of the time that is something to do with WordPress, whether it's installation, customizations, etc.

Great question too :)


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Most of my inquiries now come from internet type tasks: WordPress, email campaigns, automating tasks with cloud programs, etc. However that is what my specialty is and where my referrals come from.

There are also many requests for general help: calendar and email maintenance, general project management, etc. I believe it depends on who your target is.
Most of the ones we see are social media, wordpress and autoresponders. There are more and more asking for 1 shopping cart or infusionsoft if you want to try for a specialty.

I personally would base your practice on what you are good at and like to do. If you are really good at that- the referrals and clients will come to you!
Lee: thanks for your input.

Your Virtual Assistants: I'm just initiating conversation - and I'm curious what clients are asking for that's all :)

Faye Glendale

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Hi! The most popular service that our company is offering is virtual administrative assistant services. Maybe because people are starting to realize the cost-efficiency of hiring one of them.
In order: Wordpress, Copywriting, Social Media, Events Management.

And generally they want a combination of all of these. Makes it easier for me because then I don't have to up/cross sell as much. They've done it for me.


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As an indivdiual who is new to the idea of being a virtual assistant, I have found this thread informative and helpful. Thanks My Virtual Me for posting the thread! I have been wondering what services would be most beneficial and now I have some ideas!

Officewise Admin Services

Great topic! Trying to narrow down my list a bit and this definitely helps!


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I think it is awesome people can build a business on helping business owners with their social media...seems silly to me since I am an avid Facebook user, but billiant for those that make money at it!!!

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Traci, I think is is a necessity for many businesses to hire an individual to manage their social media. It is time consuming learning the different site's tips, keeping updated on the new trends, making contacts, and updating. The same with someone trying to learn all the administrative, accounting, or legal professions. They would have no time left to do their expertise.
Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but I'm just trolling for some ideas.

We're the odd ones.

Though we also offer CEO and admin support, right now we get a lot of calls for mobile notary and real estate signing services. My husband has been a commercial real estate paralegal for nearly 17 years now and became a registered real estate signer when he was laid off in 2009. Long story short, when we formed the business in 2011, most of our clientele followed us. Instead of RFP's we are registered with and several title companies. Right now signing agent services is by far the busiest part of our business.


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This has changed for me over the years a bit but one thing I have always done a lot of is writing!

Project management is probably the most requested service right now though.
Hi Alice, As a VA working for Elitework

they provide different client that will fit

your qualification, right now im focusing

on blog and article commenting while

waiting for a potential direct client to

work with. You can learn a lot from this,

read personal experience and success of

other VA's,learn new ways to be more

productive and many more.