Question Medical Coder/Biller


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I am seriously considering doing a course in medical coding or possibly medical billing. Is there anyone here that does this already? What are the chances of getting hired after course completion, but no experience? What is the earning potential? (I know we can't post dollar amounts here, but a "good" would be fine.)
I am a biller but not a coder. If you get a certification in coding, it's possible to find a job with no experience, but working at home right out of the gate is very unlikely. Earnings potential is very good and there are many open positions for CPC's. I would recommend getting a position at a local medical office or hospital that is not in coding or billing, something like scheduling or registration, to get your foot in the door and add to your experience and make sure you get a great job when you're ready to code.

(Edited to add) Billing is great and you're more likely to be hired without experience in that field, but coding is definitely going to make you more money. You can learn to bill while on the job, but that's not necessarily true for coding.