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Marlboro Red - generally legendary cigarettes, which have become something of a cliche, complementing a certain type of character/image.
Taste of tobacco: rich, powerful and very strong. If you smoke such a baby in the room, then after a heavy three you can successfully hang an axe, but there is one nice "but". What Marlboro is good at in principle is that the quality of tobacco this "axe" make tolerable rather than poisonous. I don't know how or with what. But I know they are not sour and bitter within reason. Nakur give personally me still far in the beginning. By the way, bitter and slit the throat from the beginning, apparently, at the expense of the fortress?
Filter: standard, I think, on his account instead of manufacturers. Here occurs as a solution "water" capsule, and perhaps a small mouthpiece. There is no perforation.
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