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Hi all! :seeya:

I'm new here and will be starting up my Virtual Assistance business and have been working on my logos...I have been having the hardest time with my logo as nothing I make I like (yet I can whip up one for someone else in no time and they love it)! I am going for more of black and white simple theme so that is why there really is no color in my logo.
I have my business name as well as secured the domain of annandcompany.com. I am currently working on my website as well.

Hope these links work. :computer:. I look forward to your opinions on the logo.


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I personally like the third choice for the balance, but, I think the all black of the artwork is more appealing of number one. If you can use the all black artwork of the first one, and make it all centered, I think you will have a nice look. Plus, your print work will look much more sharp.

Best of luck,


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#3 is my favorite also, but I also like 1. I see what Joan means, I think all black would be good on your letter head. Yet 3 is pretty, and can see it on your website. Good Luck!


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I agree with Joan. The 3rd option has great font size, I would just simplify the logo to be all black. All three are terrific, I can see why your clients are so happy!


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I think the third one is more interesting but the first one is more clear. There's no reason you can't use the third one on your website etc and in places where it is smaller use the first version. :)


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Thank you Donahue and Alyssa. I really like the added pop of the last one but am leaning towards keeping it all black. We will see lol =)


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I definitely prefer the first centered. I know most people prefer the third but I don't not a fan of the stripes.


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I also like the balance of the third one (I think the overall positioning of everything looks best in the 3rd) but also like the all black look as well.