Logo Opinions/Advice


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Both look good... the first one is my favorite. I like how the wings also look like to 2 flames, So it has a duel correlation with your name.


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I also like the first one best. The second one looks like a bee instead of a firefly to me. Love the name & tag line!


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Well, IMO 2nd one matches the name better compared with the first one which looks to me like a couple of leaves...
Me and Virtcell are in agreement, logo one looks like leaves. Number two doesn't make me think of a firefly although if the body were elongated a bit I could see it being the firefly you seek for lighting a path to success. I can say the simplicity of both makes them beautiful and perfect as logos.


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Hey there,
Great logos! Love the colors and the tagline!!
I like the first one too. It does seem neater and better balanced. Also in the second one the insect reminds me of a butterfly or a bee. I wonder if it wasn't so rounded/maybe more oblong/skinny if that would help take away from the feeling. And/or perhaps add something that references a light bulb on the lower half of the body so it can also tie the insect with your tag line, though that may be too much. (here's a similar image to what I mean http://beezuskiddo.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/fireflies.jpg
or http://www.clker.com/cliparts/0/2/4/d/12560817732073817034lighting-bug.svg.hi.png)

Good luck!!

-Aurora Muse