Is it normal?

Hi everyone :)

Just a quick question. Is it normal to never have to use the good old pen and paper? I used to but recently they seem a little redundant and I find I am using them less and less. Notes and ideas I store in onenote and everything else is done on my computers too... Weird!
I have a steno notebook I use for each client, but they are primarily used during phone calls so I can write quick notes rather than type everything out. For some reason I feel the need to type more, often missing the next thought or item.

My printer, however, I haven't used in nearly two years. I make PDF's of everything I need to "Print" and store the files to Skydrive. Enough junk mail on paper comes into my office, I don't need to be adding to it.


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I find that I can organize things much better on the computer so I take notes on the computer whenever I can. This also allows me to quickly do a search and find information I took notes on. It's also good to have the info on the computer because you might later use it for an article or send it to someone etc. But with phone calls I quickly write things down with pen and paper.


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I think so. I also used to have my pen and paper all the time, taking down notes to everything. Now, as a VA I just use the notepad/OneNote then save these notes to gdrive or dropbox to access them anywhere, anytime. I also use my phone to sync all my docs/notes. It works well for me. It's less messy and more organized compared to using my old notebook. :)
I think it's okay, I am trying to keep as much information as I can electronically. I know nothing beats a good old pen and paper, but there's just too much going on with my personal like - kids, work, volunteer keep everything on paper.


If its a quick note, then I usually jot it on my notepad but only if its something temporary and I need to jot it down really quick.
I tend to incorporate both pen and paper and electronic notes. I find that I tend to use pen/paper during conference calls or when I need to remember to do something urgent I'll write it on a post it and stick it a few places that I will look several times a day (computer monitor, bathroom mirror, etc)