Is Freelancing A Career or A Side Hustle?


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Many of you are wondering if you could pursue freelancing as a career or just a side hustle.

If you want financial freedom while gaining professional development, you need to focus on freelancing and thrive to make it as your career.

However, if you don’t have long term goals, maybe side hustle freelancing is for you.

Here’s the benefits of a freelancing career that will motivate you to pursue.

Working Stability
When you dream to make freelancing as a career, you need to focus and sacrifice because freelancing is not an overnight success. In order to have stability you need to take an extra mile of your projects, and deliver exemplary outputs to your clients because it attracts possible new clients.

Some freelancers tend to make it as a sideline because they cannot commit full time due to some reasons like they have other jobs, they have children to take care of, and many more.

Pushing your Limits
Freelancing has a greener pasture, so you need to push your limits in managing the challenges that you will be encountering until the end.

You need to have a positive mind and willingness to risk in order to have stability.

And so for the side hustle, you may don’t want long term commitment but, you need to stay committed to your duties and you need to deliver your exemplified outputs as well.

You love what you are doing
In freelancing, passion and dedication is a requirement. If you don’t have these, you can not stay longer in freelancing.

And for the side hustle, you also need to accomplish tasks with love otherwise you will not be hired on your next job.


So, which of the two you aim to be? Do you see freelancing as a career, or as a side hustle?

Whatever you choose among the two as long as it can sustain your financial needs and it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is you enjoy your work and you love what you are doing.