Question I feel like I am cutting myself short while establishing my prices.


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I want to have rates that are competitive, but at the same time I don't want to undercharge and cut myself short. I am just struggling with how to find that happy medium. How do you create a billing rate that is enough to cover the costs of overhead (supplies, rent, bills, etc.), enough to pay myself and still able to put money back into the business, and yet stay competitive with other companies who do the same thing? Most of the things I will be doing will be at an hourly rate, but then there are a few things that I can do with a flat rate with the understanding that any extra costs will be added.
Hello KevynS,

I'm at the same stage as you are. Actually, I'm trying to move from freelancing on micro job sites to creating my own business so pricing has been a concern of mine, recently. I'm currently charging by the hour but I am not very fond of following that structure when launching my own business as I believe that most clients try to jampack the VA with tasks when charged at an hourly rate and that has been overwhelming for me.

So, I consider transiting from hourly charges to packages and retainers which has been said to be more profitable than charging by the hour. There's a masterclass going live today from Lisa Wells, you may like to check her page at for further information. I believe it will help you.

Another option is to search "rate calculator for freelancers" on Goggle - you'll get plenty of results that are indeed very helpful. Also, remember to conduct a research on your competitors' websites to get an idea of a medium market rate.

Best of luck

Danielle Keister

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