Human Love Stories – Should Companies Focus On It?

Husna Zahraa

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It is discovered that human love stories. Human beings are an emotional creature and anything that can ignite their emotions is either loved, hated, ignored by them. All depends on the essence of a story. For instance, if a story is based on a character that individual looks as a role model, they might love them. Similarly, if a story is against the values or tradition of an individual, they might hate or ignore it. However, the point is that humans love to engage with stories.

The basic idea of marketing is to assist the brand or product in getting into the minds of consumers. Once the product is in the minds of potential consumers, then they can easily make a purchase decision. To achieve this idea, companies are involved into different marketing techniques. In the older days, it was basically about a television commercial, or maybe a billboard at a high traffic running street. However, it depended majorly on the budget of the company. Those who couldn’t afford these expensive methods could go for flyers or distribution of pamphlets. However, there are various digital marketing platforms that companies can indulge into to get their products and brands marketed. For instance, a reputation management service can help a brand to create a strong and engaging social media sites. Other methods include, email marketing, pay per click, app marketing etc.

Now, my question is that should brands use the element of storytelling to create an emotional attachment with the potential customers? Is it possible to include to storytelling in digital marketing strategies? Similarly, is it possible to include into all kinds of marketing activities?


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Yes if you are looking for branding your company on long term basis as country code does they use a long term branding strategy to make awareness about there website by which they have got a lot of popularity