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Quitting doesn’t really mean you are a loser because there are instances where you have to let go of what you think is not healthy to you. As they say “winners never quit and quitters never win, ” you can associate this quote to freelancing, yes! quitters definitely don’t win but, what if freelancing is not for you? In this article, we will give you the possible reasons why you need to say goodbye to your freelancing career.

1.) You’re not enjoying anymore
When you love what you do, you enjoy what you are doing. But, how about if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, are you still happy and productive? Enjoying your work means you know your work well and you deliver outstanding outputs, however, if you’re not enjoying it, you’re just working on it for the sake of accomplishing it then, why not find something you enjoy and you are happy to fulfill.

2.) It’s getting harder to find a work
Lucky are those freelancers whose client’s business is stable and profitable but, how about those freelancers who ended their connection to their client because the business needs to close.

Eventually, you will be finding jobs again however, due to stiff competition between freelancers, you ended unhired and you need to have work immediately because you need to sustain your family needs.

3.) You can no longer afford to pay your insurance
The company is providing the majority of the monthly premium and with other companies, they offer free HMO coverage for an employee and for their family. As a freelancer, you don’t have that kind of benefit, that’s why freelancers tend to quit freelancing and go back to the workforce. The necessity of insurance is vital to every individual and yet it is costly.

4.) You miss the interaction with other employees
Socializing is one of the important activities of humans to enhance confidence and improve interpersonal skills however, when you’re a freelancer most of the time you will only be interacting through chat and emails, and some through video calls. Because of that some freelancers feel lonely and feel the need to interact with others. This is the very reason why freelancers quit and go back to office work. Because they think that they’re not productive when they are working alone.

5.) Work-life balance is no longer acceptable
Because of the flexibility of time in working at home, it gives freedom to freelancers to have numerous projects. Due to freelancer’s goals, they forget about work-life balance by accepting as many projects as they think they can but, eventually they can no longer accomplish the deadline. Work-life balance is important because we need time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Working without relaxation will eventually cause stress which will lead to depression.

The five reasons shared are few of the causes why some freelancers quit their freelancing career. Whatever your decision is, always consider what’s best for you and what makes you happy.

We desire all the best in your digital career. Happy freelancing!