How to: update your avatar and profile picture

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What are avatars?

Avatars are small images that people use to identify themselves to other community members. Your avatar is displayed as part of your user info along with all posts that you make, as well as in the upper right-hand corner of your public profile. Avatars are a great way to brand your posts and your presence here at Virtual Assistant Forums. Use a headshot, your logo or icon, or some other personally identifying image for your avatar. If you have not added an avatar to your profile, no identifying image will display next to your posts.

You can set and change your avatar from within your User Control Panel. To upload a new avatar, click on Edit Avatar.

What are profile pictures?

Your Profile Picture is an image that will display in the upper left-hand corner of your public member profile. Profile pictures are another great opportunity to professionally brand your profile and your presence in the VAF community.

To upload a profile picture, click on Edit Profile Picture in the 'Your Profile' section of your User Control Panel.

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Hellow G Douglas,

As I understand, the image needs to be sized before uploading.

You can use any number of free software downloads to resize a photo. Try FotoFlexer, and Paint wihich comes with Windows and if you have Office 2010, the ability to resize is available as well.

You can always Google 'how to resize an image' and a number of options appear.

Good Luck!


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Hi Gloria, I do see your profile pic - but if you would like an image to display next to each of the posts you make you'll still need to upload an avatar (instructions in the original post above).