How To Negotiate Your Rate Even You’re Newbie In Freelancing


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Sharing with you a blog post from Filipino Virtual Assistance. You might find it useful if you are a newbie in freelancing! :)

One of the most common questions there was about the newbies’ problem in how to charge their clients.

Charging your clients for the first time will give you a hard time especially if you don’t have an idea on how to charge them.

Here are some of the ways on how you can negotiate your rate even though you’re just a newbie.

Don’t lowball because you’re just new
Some of the clients think they can pay you low because you’re just a newbie. Don’t fall for this, as long as you have the skill, and you can deliver an exceptional quality of work then, you should not be shy about explaining why you are charging a higher rate. What you need to do is to prove to your client that you can make an impact on their business and that you are a high performer who should be compensated fairly.

Make freelancer friends
Cultivating a group of friends within your niche is one of the reasons that you might get the rate that you want because they can refer you to the client if they need one. Having a friend whom you can ask with confidence is also beneficial. Some freelancers might have a self-esteem issue that’s holding them back from charging what is worth it from them, so you need a buddy to boost you up so you can achieve together and ask for what you deserve.

Be realistic in your billable hours
Some Freelancers might charge higher than expected, however, there is no problem with that as long as it is realistic in the freelance market. Ask yourself how much time per week you’re going to spend working and make sure, be honest in telling how much time you can accomplish during the allotted time. Once you decide your total hours, then, building your rate follows, along with your overhead and the specific niche that you can offer.

Be assertive, not aggressive
When making an offer avoid aggressiveness, just take it easy until you get the client and the rate will just follow. Be assertive in answering your clients questions in the interview but, never be aggressive in asking for the rates. Before negotiating, show credibility and how sincere you are by having a script, let say I’m very excited working together with you and working on this project and make sure to smile even if you will make it or not.