How to: add your rating/review to a product you've purchased from the VAF Store

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The Virtual Assistant Forums Store has become an incredibly useful feature, allowing us to carefully select and showcase and even create and launch the very best products and learning opportunities for our members!

One especially useful feature the store offers is a ratings/reviews system that allows anyone who's made a purchase or registered for a class through the store to give a star rating (1-5) and write a review about the product or course.

This is a great way to share feedback and help other VAs make good purchasing choices as well as letting us know which products met your expectations and what you'd like to see more of. In each product listing you'll see the star rating and number of reviews at the top with the full-text of all reviews at the bottom of the page. Products that do not have a star rating yet simply have not been reviewed yet.

Following is a quick tutorial on how to add your own ratings/reviews to product listings in the VAF Store:

  • If you've purchased a course or product through the VAF Store and would like to add your feedback log in to your store account.
  • Then click the My Customer Account link in the top right.
  • You'll see a series of tabs for navigating your account, including 'My Purchases' and 'My Reviews'. Click on 'My Purchases' for a listing of all your VAF Store transactions and look for the link to write a review next to each product.
  • Enter your info and a star rating and text review before saving your feedback.
  • Your rating / review will be submitted for approval and publication to the product listing!