How do you title yourself?

I named my company Baroness Virtual Services because I am trying to get away from just "assistant" work (although I do mostly assistant work currently)!

I am in an MBA program, so I want to have the flexibility to branch out to other tasks/projects if I want.

So I am kinda marketing myself more as a virtual solutions provider rather than an "assistant." I don't think I use the term "assistant" anywhere on my web site, even though my menu of services is pretty much assistant work so people can understand it. I don't want to sell my capabilities short.


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I agree with you, Baroness. I think calling yourself an assistant is fine if you are really doing mostly admin work. But I think many of us are doing a lot of marketing work and calling yourself an “assistant” when you are really a marketer can really limit how much money you make and the size of the companies you can approach. Also, I don’t like how being called an assistant makes clients think of me as a subordinate even if I have way more skills than they do. So in the future, I am thinking of calling myself a marketing specialist or something like that.