Hours Per Week Needed for Success?


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Hi everyone! I was curious to see, for those of you that have been at this a while how many hours a week do you tend to work? And how many did you work in the beginning to get your business "up and running"?

I've often seen VA advertised as a great business for moms who want to "stay at home with the kids" indicating it doesn't require your full attention or a great amount of time. Obviously that isn't the case, especially for a successful business....so I'm curious to see your responses!
I think this question will depend on a variety of things, how much money someone needs to cover expenses, how much time they have to put into the business.

For me, I started my own business so I could work less... so to live comfortably, I only need to work about 50 - 60 hours a month. I used to work a lot more than that when I first started, but spent hours on my business and finding clients... now I don't need to do so much of that, so at the moment I am currently working 3-4 hours per day, which is nice. :)


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I must have bigger bills than Jo! Since I started my business I work 40 hour weeks. If I'm not working for a client, I spend that time pretending I'm the client and I market myself. I'd be happy if I had 40 billable hours per week. I'm at a little more than half that right now.


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I love what I do! I work 40+ hours a week sometimes, it all depends what's going on (since the law doesn't work "9-5" and I'm available to my attorney clients when they need me - within reason, of course - hours can definitely fluctuate! LOL)


I work on average 8 hours a day but am just starting out and most of those hours I am actually spending on my business: refining policies, marketing, acquiring new skills etc. This is to make sure my house is in order in case that next clients comes knocking on my door.


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This is a great thread! I also work full-time but since I'm a teacher I was able to get alot done this summer. I'm looking to take my business full-time before June 2016. That's when my son graduates from high school! Woohoo!
I live in France Susan, and the cost of living here is a lot less than the UK where I come from. So I expect my bills are less than yours... although at the moment, it seems they are coming in pretty much daily, it's that time of year! :)


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How much you have to work also depends on how much you charge. I have seen some VAs charge low rates while other VAs charge twice as much. If you can find clients who will pay the higher rates, you won't have to work as much.


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I charge a fairly high rate and I'm finding clients to pay it but.... it also depends on one's situation. I am a single mom with no other support (including child support) and I pay for my daughters college education (she lives in a dorm $$$) and I have a mortgage. So even with a high rate I need to work a lot to keep this machine running!
I'm in the same boat as Susan and actually live in the same state which has a high cost of living. To add to that I have two sons in college (what was I thinking many years ago??). That being said I need 40 billable hours a week but I'm not there yet. I average around 26 at the moment but I am actively looking to take on additional clients.


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So, it appears to me that the bottom line is based on your rate of pay and how many clients you have. Although the higher the pay, the less clients?

I wanted to start off working about 4 hours a day at $15 to $25 per hour. Of course if it goes well I would increase the pay, but not necessarily the hours.