Question Funnel marketing autoresponders, lead pages etc. Is it hard to learn quickly?


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I have a potential client who needs help with autoresponders, lead pages, tracking info etc for her funnel marketing.

Although familiar with the concepts, I lack hands-on experience with these services. Are any of you experienced in these areas, and able to let me know if it would be too complicated to learn on the go?

I have very high standards on my work, so I have a bit of doubt if I should refer my potential client to someone with expertise or leap into it and give it a go, high-speed-learning style :book::smart:

Thanks for your feedback :)



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Re: Funnel marketing autoresponders, lead pages etc. Is it hard to learn quickly?.

I'd recommend finding out which software the client uses and diving in to see what you can learn. Some platforms like MailChimp are really easy to work with, especially if the client site is on Wordpress or similar. Some are more complicated.

Either way I think it's important to let your client know that you are on a learning curve.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing - there have been times in my own career where I've not had a ton of experience with something but wanted to learn so I either invested my own time or offered the client a discount for X months based on that learning curve. I was able to add new skills to my knowledge base and keep my client in-house.

Best of luck with this!


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Re: Funnel marketing autoresponders, lead pages etc. Is it hard to learn quickly?.

I agree with Tess that it depends on the service. Lead Pages is pretty simple to learn if you are tech savvy. MailChimp and Aweber are also simple once they are set up correctly. Others have a little more of a learning curve.

Talk to the client and tell them that you don't have the hands-on experience but are willing to learn. I would check out the programs first to make sure it is something you want to do before offering though.

Your other option is to partner up with another VA, who specializes in those services so you can concentrate on what you know.


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Thank you Tess and LeeDrozak for your feedback.

What you suggest is in line with what I was considering, so that's great. I will defenitely be transparent with my client, which I always value high in any interaction with clients and providers.

I have some experience with MailChimp, and I see that almost everone is using Aweber. I came over LeadPages in a search the other day, and it seemed great. I have a strong geeky side, so I think I can learn quickly :)

Thank you again for your insights!