Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

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Thank you for the link Lily! This is an awesome tool. If I estimated everything correctly it looks like the rates I was thinking of will do very nicely.

Thanks again!


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Interesting. Are people factoring in their personal/living expenses if there is another wage-earner in the family?

I think I will probably charge more :)

KC Fox

Thank you so much for posting this! It's fantastic. I went on to check out the blog and it gives you a lot of inspiration, too. High up in my bookmark list! :applause:


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Wow! This is a great tool and it did come out surprisingly well for me to (although I just did it quickly in my mind and probably wasn't very accurate so who

The one thing I notice, though, is that it doesn't ask you what you think you'll spend on taxes. I wonder if the calculator figures that out for you. If it does, than that's sweet :applause:


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I ran this twice, the second being more realistic than the first. . . Then you gotta ask. . . why couldn't it it be more like the first set of numbers?
Sounds like something I need to check into. Just starting out myself, have a lead on my first client... keep your fingers crossed for me please!

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