Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

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I love freelance switch!! Such a great blog. Thanks Lily - I just did my calculations based on what we'll be paying for everything in the States and thought for sure it would depress me, but actually I was pleasantly surprised :)


Wow, the calculator was really cool, and a little of an eye opener too. Apparently I need to either cut down on expenses or take less vacation days! Thank you for the link!



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Thanks for sharing such an interesting link - definitely an eye-opener and reminder of all the "other" costs to running our lives!


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It always surprises me to find out that people don't know what their break even point is. How do you know you're making a profit or if you can afford that new bit of technology.

When I decided to hire an inhouse assistant, I did my sums to show my husband I could afford her. We are planning for her to go virtual at the end of the year but in doing the calculations I figured out KPI's for my team and financial goals for the business.

To step things up from just being a job for yourself to a viable business, work out your breakeven point and the correct rate for you.

(Kylie gingerly climbs down off the soap box....)
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