First Client Ever...


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I have just started to build my portfolio for my virtual assistant business i want to open up soon. My client is a lawn care business and they have gave me the task of keeping up with their Linkdin profile. They have already half way set it up. This is my first time ever doing a social media profile for someone else. Whats the best advice you can give me to help me start off on the right foot in tackling this.


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Hi Heather, I'd recommend investing in Luz Donahue's eBook and business forms package for social media virtual assistants - there's a whole chapter on LinkedIn (LinkedIn 101) as well as other major platforms. If you don't have personal experience setting up and managing a LinkedIn profile start with your own.


  1. Do something to stand out.
  2. Make your message “float” by putting the most important content at the open.
  3. Identify their issues and pain points, make it very clear how you'll make their life better.
  4. Include your personality - you're friendly and confident, make a great first impression.