Feedback on website/logo


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Either the bar or the text at the bottom needs to be a different color. I couldn't tell there was text down there until I happened to mouse over it.

The "contact" bar below the content on your home page is a great idea (and great design), but you split Bookkeeping into two words. Maybe you should put "The Bookkeeping Red Head" all on the second line?

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Great website and logo. I love the clean simple feel of it! Sorry I can't add anything to what has already been pointed out.

Wishing you success!


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Your website looks great and very clean! You're missing links in your FAQs area but that's probably information you need to add which you mentioned in your original post.


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Clean site. Love it.

Did you know that the 'contact her today' link at the bottom of the home page doesn't actually take the user to the page with your contact form?!.


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Great website, very professional!

The only thing I'd change is to flip the redhead logo or swap it with the Home/Services/FAQ headings so she's "facing into" the page. And it's nitpickey but ... I would use "day-to-day" with hyphens :)


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I like the clean, simple layout and navigation. These might be things you were planning to do but hadn't gotten around to yet, I also noticed the "contact us" section at the bottom of the page, as well as the banner to the left of it, just took me back to the top of the page.

I would set the contact us link to take a person right to your contact form. As for the banner that says, "Find out why everyone is talking about the bookkeeping redhead" I would set this page to go to a testimonial page. If you don't have testimonials yet, perhaps your services page until you build up a few.

I also think the slider could be a little smaller. Overall, I think it is a beautiful and professional looking site.
The site is really clean and easy to read. I do think though that instead of using the text: "To view a list of bookkeeping services we provide click here", you could simply add Bookkeeping and Administrative tags to your Services menu. The same for FAQ and Pricing. The links on your FAQ page are deactivated so I couldn't see those pages but in general I really think you've done a fantastic job on your website.


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The website is clean and very professional. You have a dynamic logo and it works well. Just a few aesthetic items:

--at the bottom of the page, is the footer bleeding through the Contact us bar?

--on the payment page, perhaps add some image buttons-- especially for the PayPal option so that clients don't have to go fishing for that information. There is an app in WordPress for linking to your account.

Great work!



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Just took a look and it is super clean. However I did notice that you have a lot of white space - especially above the fold. Your header has a lot of padding which is using up precious real estate.

You do need more content on your pages that is written for your ideal client. This will help them connect with you and also give the search bots something to scour.

You really don't need 3 pages for pricing unless you are going to expand on them. It is kind of a disappointment to land there and not find anything more.

You need some more visual interest. Images on the blog posts, featured, supporting images.

One last thing, your font is rather light. If you want to go with the grey you should try a little darker shade.
I love your logo and your website is very neat with nice amount of white space! I agree that the slider should be smaller so the text below is a little more visible without having to scroll down. One other suggestion, in your services section you may consider bolding or changing the color of 'bookkeeping services' and 'administrative services' just so the eye is immediately drawn there without having to read too much. Best of luck! We're working on getting our website up and running as well!


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I think the site looks very nice.

The only issue I had was the loading time. Maybe it was just a technical glitch at the time but it might be worth keeping an eye on? Potential clients may lose patience if they're faced with a slow site and go elsewhere.