Feedback on tagline please


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The other day I had picked a business name that I loved with a good tagline, the name was available on go daddy, but after reading through some posts and taking the advice of googling the name, it was overused. So I nixed it and used a business name generating websites and came up with another name I really really like.

I have come up with 2 tag lines that I like, but I'm not quit sure if one sounds better than the other, so here goes

A Virtual Solution For Your Bookkeeping Needs

A Virtual Bookkeeping Service

Solutual is a combination of solution and virtual and the 1st tagline seems to bring that out in the name. I like the 2nd one because it's short and sweet.

All opinions will be appreciated, and if anyone can offer other variations, that would be greatly appreciated too.



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Hey there Shawn,

What an interesting business name! It's pretty unique. I am not super excited about the taglines, though, but I do feel that you need to explain what the business is in the tagline, like you have it, but a little differently. How about:

"Your Virtual Bookkeeping Solution"

I think "A Virtual ..." indicates that you're just "putting your name out there" without trying to convince or sell your services. It's like you're saying "hi" to your client, and not really grabbing their attention - that you know that you are the solution to their need. It seems passive and not so confident to me. I really think you're on the right track though!

Best of luck finding a tagline you like!