Feedback on my tagline, please!


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Hi, I am hoping that I can get a little feedback from some of you on my tagline. I'm going back and forth between two (but please feel free to throw out other ideas if you have them!) My services are going to be based around providing research and project management services to academics, doctors and non-profits (although I want to remain open to working with others). The options:

Professional support for the (un)productive professional.
Professional support for the busy professional.

#1 is, in my opinion, a little more catchy and is based on the concept that most of my clients are super busy, and getting publications/grant proposals out the door is often hindered by their other job responsibilities-- they are so productive but often feel unproductive. Just not sure if this could be misconstrued as an insult? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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I would err on #2 to avoid an insult, if it's in your gut, there is a chance it might offend another. However (as a contrast) who would you like to attract as a customer? Unproductive professional? How would yo describe your perfect client? That might help with your tag line.

Felicia Hale

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I would avoid #1. I believe it leaves you open to being considered rude or judgmental. Maybe you should you could try something like:
Professional support for the professional in you. or
Prompt assistance for the over-worked professional.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


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I'd go with a variation of #2 as well I do think some might be put off by number 1. You can further the idea of #1 in your website content. I try to do that on mine.

So if I had to vote I'd go for #2 however I don't like the word professional used twice:
Professional support for the busy professional

So I'd change that to:

Skilled, Business, Seasoned, Top-notch, Smart,

Something else, I'm only on my first cup of tea, need more to be creative!


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I would go with a variation of #2 as well.

I like Felicia's and Susan's suggestions.
Effective, Expert, Experienced, Vital, Smart are some more suggestions for replacing the first professional.

Let us know what you choose.


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Thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions. Who would think it would be so difficult to come up with one simple sentence!? Now I'm leaning towards "Superior support for the busy professional", but I'm still hoping to think of something a little more catchy.


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I actually like, "Superior support for the busy professional" ! You can search for different synonyms of even go with "Superb support for the busy professional"


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As an entrepreneur, and if I were seeking support, I would not want to be referred to as unproductive (even if it was the truth). I would rather be seen as busy. Like ngaliger stated, #1 is somewhat borderline insulting.